Welcome to the new Mount Morris Library Website!

Hi!  My name is Kelly, and I’m the new director at the Mount Morris Library.  If you’re looking at this blog post, you’ve probably noticed that our digital space looks different.  And while it’s true that we’ve moved some of the visuals around, we’re hoping that the new format makes this website easier and more fun for our patrons to use.  After all, the whole point of us being is to serve you!

As a librarian, I hate it when it’s hard to get the information you’re looking for. Our new main menu makes it a lot easier to figure out where you need to go for you want to know, and we’ve installed an automatic page translator for those library patrons who feel more comfortable reading in Spanish. Our home page gives you quick, easy 24/7 access to the latest library news, as well as our programming calendar, the OWWL catalog, and OWWL2Go. Need something done right now? Our digital resources page makes it easy for you to find whatever digital information or resources you need, whether you’re working on a school project or just trying to figure out your new digital device. The Board of Trustees option connects you with our current board members, and it gives you a glimpse into the nitty gritty of library life by giving you access to our current policies, our minutes from past board meetings, and our annual reports. Like to get your library news via social media? Check out our Facebook Page, and keep an eye out for upcoming content on TikTok and Instagram. (Don’t worry…we still love answering the phone and checking our email, for those of you who prefer traditional communication!) Best of all, the website makes it easier for you to see what’s coming up and voice your opinion about the kinds of programs and materials you’d like to see!

Have questions about the our new digital home? Use the Contact Us button, our Facebook Messenger widget in the bottom corner, or just give us an old-fashioned call!

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