Digital Resources

Ebooks and Audiobooks

Need something to read  RIGHT NOW?  We’ve got thousands of e-books and audiobooks on for you to check out on your favorite digital device, and you never have to worry about returning your books on time!

Learn a Language

Interested in learning another language?  Check out these great resources and start building your new skills today!

OWWL Libraries Learning Academy

Struggling to figure out your technology?  OWWL has the training resources you need to get the most out of your computer and digital devices.

Local History Resources

Interested in learning more about your family or our local history?  Thanks to OWWL, you can access historical archives and genealogy resources from the comfort of your own home.


NYT Bestsellers

Looking for the hottest reads?  We’ve got what you need!  Check out the lists on OWWL and put your next new favorite on hold.


Got research to do for school or work?  We’ve got easy access to everything you need, from encyclopedias to health journals and newspapers here.

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